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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



“We” or “our” below refers to St George’s Kennels Ltd, 656 St George’s Rd, Hastings 4172.

“Website” refers to

“You” or “Your” or “client” below refers to pet caretaker or pet owner.

“Pet” refers to companion animal that you are normally responsible for.


You are required to supply all information accurately as we request in our forms before your pet can be accommodated. Anything not supplied or erroneously supplied regarding your pet is your responsibility including the impact this may have on staff and other pets in our care and any costs this may incur.

You are required to vaccinate and medicate your pet as we require on our website or in our instructions to you prior to arrival or entry can be refused or the animal taken home. You must advise us on arrival if your pet has any health condition whatsoever and confirm your pet’s health is fine for boarding. If not then we won't be aware of any special care it needs. We reserve the right to refuse any pet on health grounds.

You are responsible for the payment in full of any medical services or goods that we deem necessary for your animal’s health, upon collection or as we require.

You will be liable for the medical costs of any staff member or another customer’s pet who gets attacked by your pet.

You are responsible for being clear in writing about the administration of food or medicine for your pet during it’s stay with us.

Your nominated emergency contact/agent is someone who will be able to make all decisions regarding your animal on your behalf including euthanasia.

We may refuse your pet accommodation and require it to be collected immediately if we deem the animal to be excessively aggressive or dangerous.


We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any pet left in our care 14 days after the due collection date if no contact is made by the owner or the owners agent. With a boarding arrangement with a 'no end' date, if no payment is received after 30 days and/or no contact is received from the owner or owners agent, it is deemed that you have abandoned your pet and we reserve the right to make arrangements for your pet/pets to be rehomed to a suitable home.

Alternatively, we may use debt collection agencies to recover all money owed up till the point the pet leaves our care and you agree to pay as per the current schedule of charges plus any recovery costs. The costs are as per the pricing schedule on our website or as otherwise agreed to.

We may, at our discretion, require a bond to cover up to one month of costs. This will be held in trust and returned to you in full upon payment of the boarding arrears any other costs incurred. We may require the bond to be paid after the pet has arrived and if it’s not paid then we require the animal to be collected.

We are a Dog and Cat motel, charges are from the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure. Another night is charged if collected after 10am.Deposits maybe required for public holiday weekends & Christmas


If your pet damages our property or the property of others you may be liable for the repair or replacement of that property at our discretion.

If your bill goes into arrears for longer than 30 days the ownership of your pet can be transferred to us at our discretion if payment not made as we request in line with our terms.

You are responsible for collecting all items you bring for your pet within one month, otherwise we can take possession of the items indefinitely.


The very best care will be given to your cat or dog, however animal health can change dramatically for any reason, and we accept no responsibility for illness, injury, death or loss for any reason whatsoever, apart from any breaches of the guarantees in the Consumers Guarantee act 1993.

All possible care and attention is given to every cat or dog in our care and responsibility can only be accepted at the owner’s risk.

We operate a communal interactive play environment and the client must accept the positive benefits and potential risks involved and that the pet may be wet or muddy, barking and having a ton of fun when you collect it.

We are not responsible for your pet to be sleepy for a few days after their stay, due to all the fun that they have while staying here :-)

Please book early for Weekend and Public Holiday accommodation